Living Roots

Building a Set of 4 Board and Batten Cabins - Over 90% local and salvaged materials

Working with Light Clay Straw

Erecting the StarPlate Dome

Natural Building and Energy Systems

Our commitment to using local and sustainably produced products as well as minimizing our impact on the environment extends to the off-grid Tiny House Village we are creating. We have developed a Building Code specific to the vision of Living Roots.

We are very excited about the Tiny House Village not only because it gives us space for staff, but also because it gives us practice and experience in a variety of building techniques.

Type of off-grid housing that meet our guidelines include (but most definitely arenít limited to)

  • Cob
  • Strawbale
  • Rammed Earth
  • Bermed
  • Earth Bag
  • Earthship Inspired
  • Timberframe
  • Cordwood
  • Light Straw-Clay
  • Paper-crete

Energy independence is another key part of the project vision. While the bunkhouse and workshop are still currently grid-tied, our future projects will be off-grid. Wood is abundantly available in Southern Indiana and should remain so as long as it is sustainably harvested. It in combination with energy efficient designs of our homes (enhancing solar gain, proper insulation and energy efficient wood stoves) will serve as the predominant heat source. Solar and geothermal units will be the most likely alternative energy systems used.


Phase 1 nearly complete for Earthship Inspired House

Earthship Inspired Building

Building Hoophouse #3

Elizabeth completing the StarPlate Dome frame

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