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Personal and Community Growth

The possibilities of personal transformation and growth are infinite - if we are open to them.   We have the opportunity to educate ourselves and grow for our entire life - not just the first 18 years. Our adult years can be the most powerful and transformative years if we choose to take that path. Wisdom is not shown by what one knows, it is shown by the openness of exploring and receiving what one does not know. Life can be a continuous journey of growth and evolution. Expansion is found both during times of hardship and challenge and in times of beauty and peace.

Accepting the full depths of life can lead us down the most fulfilling path. What does it really mean to be alive? Living and Working Closely with others allows for the opportunity to expand both by supporting us in our growth and presenting us with many challenges that will inspire us to create something new. We all have gifts and areas of strength - at the same time, we all have our challenges. By accepting all of this, we find a place from which to grow.

Our workshops and events are often geared towards learning and experiencing a new part of the wholistic model.

Other Areas of Personal and Community Based Growth
Our Relation to Money and Finances

From a Personal Level, there is a societal disease that many of us have, where we are completely dependent on things outside of ourselves. Addictions have never been so rampant as they are now in our society. One of these addictions is money. Money doesn't have to be a negative thing if you know how to use money for what you need without it controlling your every choice. Many times people aren't even aware that money is controlling them in the way that it does. By accepting that we have an unhealthy relationship with money, we can grow in ways that make us more centered and stronger in our own power.

From a Community Level, it is imperative that we stop letting the Big Box Stores and large corporations push us around. In order to facilitate this process, we need to come together as community, as opposed to focusing on our differences. Our personal challenges with money give us a big clue as to why to have these challenges on the community level. We are dependent on outside sources for our energy. It is difficult to ask the Big Box stores to leave when we lost the systems within our own community to create our own products, food, etc.

Did you know that shopping at locally-owned businesses can keep up to 50% more dollars in the local economy than shopping at chain stores? (Source

Small, family-owned businesses not only keep more economic profits within a community, but their creative spirit adds character to the community. And when goods and services are sourced locally, communities are less affected by economic downturns at the national and international level.

Let's take farming as an example of what type of transformation is possible. Local farmers have many opportunities to convert from conventional farming methods to more natural and organic methods of growing. From our past experience in market farming and business, we believe there are currently vast opportunities to create new green jobs in Southern Indiana in the area of local food production. If we want to create new economy locally, then we must first start with those products/services that we can provide with the resources we have. We can grow MUCH MORE food locally. Obviously, food is an essential consumer product and no matter the state of the economy, there will always be a need for fresh and processed food. We are fortunate here in Southern Indiana to have good soil, and a nice growing season that can supply BOUNTIFUL harvests. It IS POSSIBLE to grow many more vegetables, grains, and beans and to produce much more meat, eggs, etc. locally--And to do this in a way that is economically, and environmentally sustainable. We must create the systems ourselves instead of allowing big business to push its profit- hungry systems upon us. Those systems come from a place of ego, where money and control are the driving forces. With local agriculture, one knows where his or her food is coming from and sees the beauty and bounty that is available to all of us living here in Southern Indiana.


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